Germany many University a. However, some of the Universities in Germany also have made it possible for prospective students to apply directly to their University without going through uni-assist process. And in some cases also the only students with German Abitur or Bachelors are allowed to apply directly to the University. Moreover, there are also Free applications courses in Uni-assist for selected universities and courses ( you can see the list of Free Uni-assist school application here). Always check the University website to know the application procedure that applies to you.

As mentioned earlier uni-Assist handles almost all the university application/s in Germany but before you apply through uni-assist to any university there are things you need to do;

  • Get Information in Advance
  • Plan your Application
  • Gather your documents
  • Apply Online to Uni-assist
  • Pay the Handling Fees
  • Send Your Certified Documents

2. Plan Your Application.

Application to any university is sometimes too stressful, start on time to plan for the application, is always a good idea and it increases the chance of gaining admission early, which makes your travel plans easier for you.

Things you need to know when planning for your application are:

  • Deadlines & processing time
  • Standard Uni- assist procedure
  • “Vorprüfungsdokumentation” (VPD) – Special procedure
  • (DoSV) – Special procedure

Deadlines & processing time :

Allow enough time for your application. uni-assist deadline is that of the university. Your documents need to be with uni-assist in the required form before the application deadline passes. Keep in mind that Uni-assist evaluation takes 4 to 6 weeks – counting from the day your application and payment was received.

There are so many procedures that a German university might require to go through to apply (Uni-assist);

Standard Uni-assist procedure

Basically, this is the normal Procedure which requires applying online, sending the document to uni-assist and also making payment for the certificate evaluation. Uni-assist after Evaluation of the document Sends the Documents/Application Direct to the School.
This can be achieved in 4 simple steps;

  • Register
  • Apply
  • Make Payments
  • Send Documents

To know more on how to apply through Uni-assist Standard Procedure of Application Click Here.

“Vorprüfungsdokumentation” (VPD)

This is a Special procedure that some schools require. This procedure still follows almost the same step as the standard procedure but the difference is that uni-assist won’t send any document to the school direct. Instead, they will send the VPD (Vorprüfungsdokumentation) to the Candidate to apply/send it directly to the university as the case may be.

To know more on how to apply for VPD (Vorprüfungsdokumentation) Click Here (DoSV)

This is also a special procedure that might be required by any university for application. This procedure entails applying to and also to uni-assist. Or to alone. Always check the university website for more information on application procedures.

To know more on how to apply to (DoSV) Click Here


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