Germany many University a. However, some of the Universities in Germany also have made it possible for prospective students to apply directly to their University without going through uni-assist process. And in some cases also the only students with German Abitur or Bachelors are allowed to apply directly to the University. Moreover, there are also Free applications courses in Uni-assist for selected universities and courses ( you can see the list of Free Uni-assist school application here). Always check the University website to know the application procedure that applies to you.

As mentioned earlier uni-Assist handles almost all the university application/s in Germany but before you apply through uni-assist to any university there are things you need to do;

  • Get Information in Advance
  • Plan your Application
  • Gather your documents
  • Apply Online to Uni-assist
  • Pay the Handling Fees
  • Send Your Certified Documents

1. Get Information in Advance

To apply to any university through uni-Assist you have to be very informed on the university application process and period. Some schools only have an opening for winter or summer while some are open for application in all the seasons.

Always note the deadline for application on the school website. In some cases there are different application deadline for a different course(s), Departments or Faculty, just make sure to stay well informed.

Meanwhile is always best to apply on time whenever applying for any admission through uni-assist as they take up to 4-6 weeks in document evaluation. So plan ahead of time as an international student you might also need to apply for a visa.

These are the common criteria that need to be fulfilled in order to be admitted to a course.

This may include:

  • a university entrance qualification
  • minimum grade requirements
  • language proficiency
  • internships
  • Meeting formal requirements (such as certification, translation and application deadlines)

This requirement all depends on the university, Course of study and Level of Study ( BSc, B.A, MSc, Ph.D. or maybe research work). For more information on applicable admission criteria, always contact the university.



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