Some German universities require a special application procedure that entails presenting a VPD (“Vorprüfungsdokumentation”). This is preliminary review documentation (“Vorprüfungsdokumentation”, VPD) issued by uni-assist. The VPD (“Vorprüfungsdokumentation”) needs to be submitted to the university by the applicant before the deadline. Therefore, plan your application with enough time and apply for your VPD as early as possible. uni-assist will send you the VPD after your documents have been evaluated successfully.

Do I need to follow the VPD procedure?
Not everybody needs a VPD for their German University application. You can obtain this information directly from the University of your choice. The university informs you on which applicants require a VPD and which documents need to be submitted to uni-assist.

Create an application for the University of your choice using the uni-assist online portal. If the university requires a VPD, your application is a request for a VPD.

Plan your application using our checklist. It contains the most important guidelines for each step.


  • At each university of your choice:
  • Find out if uni-assist is responsible for handling your application.
  • Get information on courses offered.
  • Check admission criteria.
  • Find out if you need a VPD from uni-assist for your chosen course.
  • Check application deadlines: by what date do you need the VPD?
  • Check application deadlines

Would you like to reapply?
Maybe you’ve registered and applied through uni-assist before and you want to reapply.
Click HERE to make your new application even easier.

How to apply for VPD (“Vorprüfungsdokumentation”)

  • Search for study offers using the details of the University or intended courseHow to apply to uni-assist online
  • Create an online application for each chosen course. How to apply to uni-assist online
  • Uni-assist indicates information of the university; stating that the Application procedure for that particular course is to apply for VPD (“Vorprüfungsdokumentation”). if the information is not correct please contact the university before to apply for VPD
  • Upload the necessary documents: if you have not uploaded your documents before or need to add additional documents.How to apply to uni-assist online
  • Submit all online applications electronically, then print sign and send.How to apply to uni-assist online

Application to uni-assist is not free as you have to pay for your document evaluation after applying online and uploading your documents.
However for your first Application, you have to make a payment of 75 (Euros) and for subsequent applications, the payment of 30 (euros) per application is required.

Note: Without payment, Uni-assist will not process /Evaluate your documents. However, some select universities and courses are Uni-assist application free. To see the List of Free Uni-assist application universities and courses Click Here.

Check different modes of uni-assist payment Here.

Put all Certified document copies into an envelope.
Add the required postage and send to uni-assist by post.

uni-assist e.V.

11507 Berlin


After receiving your payment and your application:
you will receive confirmation of receipt by e-mail.

Uni-assist certificate evaluation takes about 4–6 weeks: the status in the online portal will change within this period and you will receive the result of the evaluation by e-mail.


  • Submit the VPD to the University in which the VPD was generated for.
  • Send the VPD to the university together with all required documents; it might be required by the University online (electronically), Hardcopies or maybe both.
  • You need to stay within the university’s deadline

NOTE: One VPD (“Vorprüfungsdokumentation”) per university / Course. E.g: Don’t use a VPD Generated generated for Uni Bayreuth for another different university that still required VPD for application.


  1. Hi Kody,
    Hope you’re doing well.

    I am Victor, and am applying for a second VPD in uni-assist with a doubt you may clarify. Some months ago I applied for a VPD for TUM, I sent physical copies to uniassist to process the VPD. My question is, do I have to submit again physical copies, or can they use the same to prepare the VPD (I know I have to pay a 30 EUR fee, but would appreciate if it is possible to avoid the copy-sent process and fees).

    • Uni-assist keeps your application documents until the end of the year following the receipt of your documents. they can reuse the documents for new applications.

      An example:
      Application documents received on: 20 May 2019

      Application documents will be kept until: 31 December 2020
      hope that answers your question.


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